Gliding Full Length Door Flower Coolers

Our custom-built flower coolers will help you to showcase your merchandise with top-to-bottom glass.

Product Description

Key Features of Flower Coolers:

  • Large 30″ x 67″ full length doors increase your display area by 20 percent.
  • Added side windows let customers see flowers from every angle.
  • Top-mounted or remote condensing units are shipped loose, with “quick­connects” for easy passage through doorways.
  • Add the optional bouquet rack to make the most of cut flowers. Bouquets are layered in angled baskets on the back wall, so you can display more flowers than on a regular shelf.
  • Wire shelves are standard; glass shelves are available as an option.
  • These flower coolers have very high humidity refrigeration systems with excellent air distribution.
  • Available in 52″, 70″, 79″ and 103″ body sizes.
  • Low E and argon-filled double panel glass doors.

Make the Most of Your Merchandise with Top-to-Bottom Glass

You want glass refrigerators that really showcase your arrangements and keep them the perfect temperature for optimum storage. We have years in the floral refrigerator business and can meet these needs with our products.

Nothing showcases flowers in your shop like flower coolers from Powers Equipment. Beautifully styled, our floral refrigerators will attract customers into your store and directly to your inventory of fresh, colorful individual roses or flowers available for custom arrangements or your prearranged bouquets and gift creations.

The interior lights of our flower coolers really make colors pop, which can actually lead to more sales of premium blossoms. Our lighted, attention-getting displays are perfect for high-traffic locations, such as supermarkets, quick shops, hospitals, and any place flowers are sold.

Our custom-built flower coolers and refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes to fit your individual needs, whether you require single-spot display case or a display cooler measuring fourteen-feet wide, and since our flower refrigerators are built specifically for flowers, the temperature runs at an optimal 38-42°F and relative humidity of 80-90%. Moreover, our flower refrigerators and coolers are available with a variety options to fit any merchandising need.

View our slideshow to see the different models of flower coolers and refrigerators we offer!