1. Length can be customized according to customers' requirement.
2.  Flower can be kept fresh in it for 30 or 50 days without withering. Use occasion: hotel, flower shop, supermarket,etc.
3. Main parts: metal, glass, refrigeration equipment, humidifier, etc.
4.  3 factors to be noted in purchasing flower showcase: 1. Temperature; 2. Humidity; 3. Air quantity.
5.  It requests rich refrigeration knowledge and experience to make the above 3 factors satisfying, which can not be achieved by small producers.

1. look gorgeous, have cooling effect on humidity, temperature, wind direction and can make their own adjustments.
2.There is a large sliding glass doors and glass side panels design, the entire cabinet and bright thorough.
3.There are bright and colorful lights, showing excellent results, can greatly stimulate the purchase needs of consumers, is a flower shop display, storage, sale of flowers, the best choice.